Simple lantern making

June 14, 2010

Chinese lantern in sui

June 1, 2010

The Sui’s affinity of China in 581 ushered in the rapidly amusing and bread-and-butter development of China. In the Tang Absolutism culminating periods of the Feudal association in China, the ability and abridgement bloomed and the actual and airy activity of the humans was still richer than anytime before. At that time corrective lanterns with a bifold action of abating and acknowledgment as able-bodied as those with a action of advantage were at a ample calibration produced. The corrective lamps and lanterns chiefly acclimated in the administrative alcazar were alleged cloister lanterns. From again on, the age-old lamps and lanterns in China developed beside forth two curve businesslike lamps and cloister lanterns. The bearing of cloister lanterns, getting carefully associated with the custom of blind lanterns in the Yuan Xiao Festival on the day of the 15th of the aboriginal lunar month, was a abundant accident in the history of lamp and lantern in China. In the Tang Dynasty, the variety, abundance and superior of the lamp and lantern far surpassed that in the accomplished dynasty, its architecture and beautification embodying the amplitude and allure of Tang Dynasty. In a book Journey of Geography wrote in the year of 903, one of Arabic geographers accustomed the cottony products, ceramics and ceramics and lantern in China as the three acclaimed admirable productions in the world. There by, the lamp and lantern in the Tang Absolutism laid abundant access on the relationships amid China and adopted countries.

Who held lantern carnivals?

May 8, 2010

Lantern carnivals are generally organized by the government to produce lantern carnivals are usually produced by the company to production. Lantern custom you can look at this article

the Lanterns Festival is a long history, according to folklore Lantern Festival, also known as lantern Council is widely popular in China’s integrated traditional folk activities. Lantern Art is integrated light the decorative arts. Lantern Festival is produced from human use of fire, fat, light, lighting and other manufacturing evolved. Suiren the invention of fire by rubbing sticks, human lit the fire, lit the torch, this fire, the torch is the origin of the original lamp.

Folk Chinese Lantern Festival with development of social productivity, human beings began to plant and animal and mineral oil wax to make light of the lamp. “Zhou, Heng Secretary’s” Where the state of the event set for court Liao candle, candle candle Ma also can be seen, there will be a candle light Chou. To the Warring States Period, light manufacturing technology boom, which in Qu Yuan’s “Songs of the South” has been expressed in respect of: blue copper cream Ming Zhu Hua wrong. Han is the peak of copper production lamps. “Xijing Notes” set: into the Xianyang Gong Han emperor, Qin Youqing Yu-5 lamps, high-seven feet Wucun, mainly as Pan Chi, light mouth, burning the scales are fixed, Huan-Ping if USS Yingying. To the Tang Dynasty, put lights into unprecedented Lantern lights city lights round the capital for sophomore of feet, clothing to Kam-chi, decorated with gold and silver, burning 50,000 lights, such as clusters of trees and flowers. After that, activities around the cartoon lantern is particularly popular. Song, lantern developed to its peak, thousands of styles changes. “Beautiful Dream to Tokyo,” it reads: Bianjing (Kaifeng) Palace Tingzha do light mountain, there is Samantabhadra, Manjusri Buddha riding a lion, a white elephant and other lights.

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The new year lantern in Taiwan- Happy Year of the Tiger at 2010 Taiwan Lantern Festival

April 29, 2010

The new year lantern in Taiwan- Happy Year of the Tiger at 2010 Taiwan Lantern Festival, raised the general public who request, to attract long queues of people every day long, as to send a limited number have left the public and weekends.

Chiayi City Government said that many people respond, the afternoon sent a small lantern, a time when work and school hours, not to obtain, at night during a visit to the lantern, small lantern has long been obtained from a blank. The city government decided, 5 to 7 March from 6 pm every day, 3,000 per day Plus Free small lantern light, which is sent to the original point of the addition of two 1,500 light hair, three days a total of 9,000 additional fat light, so that more people can get cute and fun little lantern.

Tiger wants to take a small lantern happy 99 people, March 5 until 7 days only, daily 14:30, 18:00, can be to the Lantern Festival on the 1st main desk (public kindergarten Ming Road, Fu States side) and 8 Desk (Chiayi Park main entrance) to send the two points obtained by the city staff issued number plate, while supplies last. People are welcome to obtain the scene.

farm and lanterns

April 15, 2010

a nice post from:

A three-year-old ewe got ashore in the wire of a Chinese Lanterns that had landed on Arnold Lancaster’s Bracken Barrow Farm, in Torver.

Mr Lancaster, 66, said the sheep got its arch ashore in the lantern’s wire anatomy and had become absorbed to a juniper tree.

Mr Lancaster, of Green Cottage, Torver, said: “When I came beyond it, the wire had cut beyond the neck.

“You could see the windpipe. On addition day, the red lantern could accept cut its arch off.

“An complete ban would be a acceptable idea. Any beastly could get it about the bottom and it could cut it off.

“It’s complete thin, aciculate wire. Very thin, but blood-soaked strong. It’s about like cheese wire.”

Mr Lancaster believes the sheep had been ashore there for three to four days.

He advised the sheep’s wounds and said it has back fabricated a acceptable recovery.

But his backbone ran out on Sunday if he begin two added of the lanterns, a accepted change which floast in the air if a candle is lit central one, on his farm. Mr Lancaster thinks the lanterns aswell accession clutter and blaze hazard issues – two added affidavit why he believes the ban is necessary.

David Rogers, of The Larches, in Torver, beatific an e-mail annular to humans in the archdiocese on Sunday to highlight the issue.

He said he is traveling to ask guesthouse and anniversary home owners if they can put up posters in their bounds to highlight the abeyant problems lanterns pose.

Carl Hudspith, National Farmers Abutment columnist administrator for the arctic west, said the abutment has been lobbying the Government’s Department of Business, Innovation and Skills back September to get an access ban on the products.

He said: “That is still a plan in progress.

“There is a lot of allocution about them getting degradable, but the botheration is that the ones that are degradable do not necessarily abase aural the agriculture cycle.

“This is not the NFU getting party-poopers, they can be adverse to livestock.

“Some are fabricated with bamboo, which is even added of a botheration because, if the grass gets cut to accomplish silage, if the bamboo gets in there, it can finer accomplish little needles.

The Palace Museum in Taipei

April 10, 2010

The 12 episodes of the television documentary on China Central Television (CCTV), Channel 1 is from January 12 and January 23 is CCTV Vice Feng Gao said Wednesday.

A documentary entitled The Palace Museum in Taipei will tell you why we have two museums of the Palais – one located in Beijing, the other in Taipei.

Before 1925, the palace is the Museum of the Forbidden City, Imperial Palace of Ming and Qing was known. When Pu Yi, last emperor of the dynasty Qing (1644-1840), the red walls, the largest museum in China leading up there.

In 1933, shortly before the outbreak of World War II, the authorities decided to let the fund’s Palace Museum collection, rather than draining into the hands of the enemy.

Over the 32 years that followed, the most important parts of the collection of the museum, packed and shipped to Shanghai, Nanjing, Sichuan Province, then in Taiwan.

The large collection of royal treasure house of ancient art, a National Palace Museum in Taipei was built in 1965. National Palace Museum was then informally known as the Palace Museum in Taipei. Millions of visitors at home and abroad, the museum was. However, all of the stories behind them became public only rarely.

The Palace Museum in Taipei is the first documentary that captures the adventurous journey. In the film, not just the public with valuable antiques in the Palace Museum in Taipei will show conditions, but the spirit of conservation should be suspended, the documentary filmmaker Zhou Bing.

During the wars of the past century, researchers have made great efforts to protect the cultural treasures of China and not stop their research, despite the miserable conditions. They have a perfect example for us to preserve the Chinese cultural heritage. And I hope that our work can be a part of the protection of traditional culture we are, said Zhu Bing.

Apart from a new documentary – The Palace Museum – which was the first time in the air for CCTV in 2005, this new context, the audience is half of its history Palace Museum, said Gao Feng.

Unless they lost to two museums in Beijing and Taipei, and many other cultural relics of the Palace Museum houses or stolen from foreign countries since the mid-19th century to early 20th century. One day, when we have another one documentary on the late part of the overseas Chinese relics, we will be able to proclaim proudly that we are entirely the work of collecting the whole history of the Palace Museum in TV programs.

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There is a Chinese character meaning happiness

March 27, 2010

According to ancient tradition, the Chinese believe they can attract Good Luck when they talk about happiness , objects, or happiness and the terms of the customs authorities have already issued today. Therefore, the Chinese are everywhere C auspicious symbols for arts, crafts, architecture, household items and are part of the celebrations, special occasions, etc.

For example: 1 There is a Chinese character meaning happiness , happiness or happiness in general. It is usually decorated in Chinese knots, painting or other objects.

2. Chinese scepter, it is desirable in the rule as Ruyi in China, which means All that I love. In other words, as you want. The shape of the rod is Chinese magic mushroom of immortality Lingzhi or Reishi be shot in Japanese.

3. This is a Chinese character meaning life is very popular among the Chinese symbols of luck. This is the estimated value of Shu in China that many Chinese homes displaying this symbol of longevity.
The crane, turtle, fish, pine, etc., all senses of the term long life are in China.

4. It’s two Chinese characters s meaning festival or happy . The Chinese double happiness symbol is synonymous with marriage. In antiquity, are usually decorated in the Chinese paper cutting. The red paper cut XI added to doors and walls of Chinese weddings and the bridal chamber like a Chinese Lantern , and the hope that two newlyweds to have happiness together. But now you see that sign, everywhere.

5. Fish is the ultimate symbol of wealth and abundance of sounds like plenty. Therefore, in the lantern festival entrepreneurs love a bowl of gold fish at the office or home, a symbol of wealth and no. It is usually a boy, and Lotus, and means abundance summaries consecutive years. Since the word persimmon Lian, the same pronunciation as the word continuous . More information can be found in our online store come to see the depth of the culture of China on symbols of luck.