26 Group Spring Festival Lantern Festival lantern lit

The daimiao Han Bo homes, more than 10 staff members are busy welding the basic framework of lanterns, paste, silk and so on. It is understood that February 14 -2 28 Day, will be held at the daimiao Taishan Mountain Spring Festival Lantern Festival 2010, when 26 groups of various shapes, different sizes of lanterns will be lit city of Thailand.

Taishan to the staff of the NEC to hold the 2010 Spring Festival Lantern Festival aims to Taishan event marketing Taishan, Taishan promote and enrich the content of Taishan festival tourism, expand scenic image, to the general public show the new changes in Taishan, a new face, and create a strong festive atmosphere . This year’s Lantern Festival will highlight “the same as New Year, not the same as the exciting” theme, to Kit Kat’s idea, exquisite craft, the integrated use of shape, color, sound, light, electricity and other artistic means, relying on daimiao classical scene, will be Tarzan the perfect combination of features and the traditional Lantern Festival, creating a colorful artistic effects, to the tourists focus on displaying the new changes in Taishan, a new face at the same time to bring tourists to the United States pleasure.

Taian City, Zhao Peng, deputy director of the museum, this year’s Lantern Festival a total of 26 groups the size of lanterns, lantern style chic, body mass huge, not only embodies the art of lantern Taishan geological wonders such as Mount Tai Choi Stony Brook, another reflecting the large-scale traditional folk landscape lamp such as the Boy sent blessing, as well as popular children’s cartoon favorite lamp, such as Snow White, Xi Yang Yang and gray wolf too. Ni Yan, deputy director of the Department of daimiao missionary told reporters, lantern making has been completed by 60%, is expected to February 11 that the Chinese lunar calendar Nianba before it can be completed.

It is understood that during the Lantern Festival, will be interspersed throughout the daimiao interspersed with flashes of small lights, string lights, spotlights and other lighting facilities on the ground. Then, at the daimiao a guess riddles, goods, items such as traditional snacks, visitors can enjoy traditional folk culture, to experience the charm of feeling.


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