Buy a house profit per square meter and a half hours into the 2000 Teacher speculation billionaire

One set of 80 m 2 bedroom, earn 640,000 in a month, so fast gold-producing efficiency, even in house prices lead the nation in Beijing are unlikely to be fulfilled.

The Schelling is a house of Sanya, Hainan has achieved this success.

Week 3, Schelling developer received a phone call: his 1 month ago in Sanya purchased “Mountain Star Lake” project, has grown from 13,000 yuan / square meter hit 21,000 yuan / square meter of.

“If you like, we can help you sell, the price on you can earn 640,000.” Schelling could not believe he shot the first time real estate speculators, they created a miracle.

Schelling is just this wave of well-being of the real estate wave of Sanya in an unassuming little sand. Numerous wealthy are Napian China’s most charming tropical beach side has been out of high-volume manufacturing. Market data show that the average price of Sanya from the first half of 9526 yuan / square meter, jump up to October more than 12,000 yuan / square meter. In November, Sanya prices rose another 2.4%.

Such fanaticism deja vu. touho Wiki In the last century that the classic 90’s real estate bubble in Hainan, Hainan, the average price of commercial housing in 1991, 1,400 yuan / square meter, straight to 1993 7500 yuan / square meter. That time, Sanya is leading the vanguard.

Sanya, the southernmost city in China, fans in the past 16 years been seen as a landmark in the bubble economy. When the bubble burst in 1993, after numerous uncompleted flats bare steel covered with a beautiful coastal city. Government had to deal with the blasting demolition of a large number of opportunistic garbage left behind. In 2000, the “disaster” after the average price of housing, however, Sanya 1000 Yuan / square meter. And 9 years later, Sanya in mid-2009 average house prices breaking the million.

Hainan’s real estate nightmare is making a comeback is just a small problem. A greater focus in the national re-regulation of the property market shot against the backdrop of this landmark in Sanya whether it is once again indicates that the fate of China’s real estate market next?


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