everyone will enjoy

Manila, Philippines – Hundreds of flights lanterns lit up the sky like fireflies last Saturday at the start of the first Flying Lantern Festival Central Area IT business park in Bacolod City.

It was fantastic, everyone like Chinese Lantern Festival will enjoy,  said Josie Villarreal, a mother brought outside their families in case.

Families and couples got a shopping break, part of the event.  We walk together, SM, and as we saw the lights will follow where it came from, but then,  said Xavier Lim ABS-CBN.

Charles Dumancas, organizer of the first Flying Lantern Festival, said the festival is part of a campaign to prevent the use of deadly fireworks during the holidays.  In general use, most of us, the fireworks, but we try to think differently, and if we did that, and hoped that we are the first,  said Dumancas.

The Flying Zigong Lantern Festival is an annual event celebrated in Thailand and China. Dumancas said, is the popular belief that fate lights.

We always tell everyone at all times, the traffic lights, because they say that it brings [] good luck. We hope this will continue for the next year and will be more fun,  he said.

Organizers hope that the City Council adjust enhance the festival as an official event of tourism in the city.



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