Auckland Lantern Festival is the 11th year

In Malaysia Estelle Goh and his friend Tim Chan in Hong Kong will be this weekend when they celebrate Valentine’s Day.

And as Jackie and Tim, many other ethnic Chinese also enter the Lantern Festival, also known as Valentine’s Day Chinese, the chance to get a second chance to celebrate the day of love and romance after 14 taken in February coincided the first day of Chinese New Year.

We had a family tradition and commitment by participating in our respective families and could not work with others on Valentine’s Day, said Mr Goh, 19, who had been dating for six months, Mr Chan .

Auckland Lantern Festival is the 11th year, the evening begins today at Albert Park and will last until Sunday.

This coincides with the 15th day of the first lunar month, which coincides with Sunday also marks the closing of the celebrations of Chinese New Year.
At home the Miss Malaysia Goh, women who used only for the parade of lanterns and tangerines thrown in rivers or the sea, saying it will bring them luck in finding a spouse.

Lantern Festival, as Yuan Xiao Jie was known, was celebrated by the Chinese from the Han Dynasty in 206BC Auckland and is one of the few places outside Asia to have a public ceremony.

Exhibitor Asia New Zealand Foundation announced that it expected a record crowd of more than 150,000 people visited last year.

The Foundation notes that the Chinese New Year of the Tiger.

Some lights are shipped from Shanghai to Auckland, including a lantern Tiger Brand of the year.

The festival will also feature performances by local and Chinese troops, one of the top musical ensembles in Shanghai, the moon, Beijing Mongolian folk-rock band and folk dancers vehicles Hanggai traffic light south China.

Auckland University Professor of Asian Studies Manying Ip says the party has a role in central to promote an important aspect of New Zealand New dominant Chinese culture.

more detail about
how to make Chinese fancy lantern


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