Whenever the occasion of the Lantern Festival

Lantern Festival is our national traditional festivals, the great festival, so the eyes of people very important. It also coincided with the first full moon after the Spring Festival night in January, said in January the night known as the “Xiao”, so called the Lantern Festival.

Chinese Lantern Festival originated in the Han Dynasty, Emperor Wen of Han in the pacification of legend, “Zhu Lv Rebellion” follow-bit became the emperor, while the insurgency is precisely the fifteenth day, so then, every fifteenth night, the Han Emperor must Chugong with the public music, on the set this day as the Lantern Festival. After the Han Emperor Ming Lantern Festival Lotus Lantern another Decree, then known as “Festival of Lights,” “light evening.” Legend fifteenth day is “days of official birth date”, so called “Lantern Festival.”

Ancient times to now, the main Lantern Displays customs folk Lantern Festival Lantern Festival is eating and watching lantern, guess riddles. Ming and Qing dynasties, women were also “Walking Bridge, touch light” practices. Old, to the Sixteenth night, the women are cast white damask shirt, hand in hand forces in the line, walk in front of the move incense to clear the way, followed by other women termed “Walk sickness,” Fraction too Bridge, that the “degree of Ecuador.” It is said that the bridge are able to protect one-year disease-free waist and legs, health and longevity. After the bridge, the women wanted to go to the city gates on the openings to touch the Brass Nails, saying the move as “men should” can be a boy.

Whenever the occasion of the Lantern Festival, the court also decorated, the officials leave, to lift the curfew, people can travel Guandeng night. Festival day period from the Han Dynasty, Tang Dynasty three-day, five days of development of the Song Dynasty to the Ming’s 10 days, from January to the eighth day on the 17th night only. Day for the city at night as the lights, very spectacular. So called the Lantern Festival Lantern Festival, simply because light Guandeng the main content of this holiday. 13 the first month of “the lights” on the 14th for the “test lights”, on the 15th as “positive light”, on the 17th for the “strike light” also known as “Can Deng,” or “À» Light. ” Beijing Ming Dynasty, when the lights in this city is located in Dongcheng District Dengshikou. At that time light and the City is unity, the Lantern Festival night in Dengshikou the whole street, in addition to the business district, decorated on both sides, the jewelry jade, daily necessities, more eateries. To the Qing Dynasty, the separated light and the city, “city” go Liulichang, Ling-Yu Gong, “light” is located within the East four arches and ground Yasukado area. The late Qing and early Republican, ground Yasukado, Shishahai area has also been engaged in the first month 15 Ice, very loved by the people. So fifteenth trouble have been circulating since the custom of lantern history Lantern Festival is also popular with many Guandeng stories. Legends, there are a couple in the Song Dynasty Yuan Xiaoye Guan Deng became separated when, to coincide with Huizong thanks to wine, his wife, eager to find Jon, went so far as conveniently porting of the emperor’s Queen’s cup, and Yin Ci Yishou: “Moon penghu bright lights , and Lang hand-to-end doors. greedy see Crane array sheng song and dance, unknowingly lose mandarin duck group. days gradually dawn, a sense of infinite royal, Chuan-Xuan Chi-alcohol drink cups patrol. Wenggu go home for fear was responsible for theft of glass as evidence. “The Merry hear the emperor, but also happy to put a woman Jinbei Shangji, leaving behind a much-told story Lantern Festival.

Past “light” and “mystery” are inseparable, Auckland Lantern Festival is light there must be mystery, so called “riddles”, commonly known as “playing the lights Tiger” (This is from the Guang-shot tigers in Peking derived from the story) . In the Festival of Lights at night is to riddle the general article or attached to the lantern hanging in the Cord, the bonus for those who guess. Some shops are also lanterns hanging mystery, but also specially marked prizes, “If guess who prize apple 3000”, when guess who approached to accept the award, the prize is nothing but an apple on a toothpick stuck in three, this adds joy. Festival of Lights on the usually popular riddle out of humor, interesting. For example, Mimian as “Ba-jie bath” (playing a meat name), the answer is a “pig into the water.” Again, “the farmer, such as soup boiled heart”, (playing the words saying) mystery is “anxious” and so on.

Lantern Festival night, on bringing a moonlight, under the light 10000, heaven and earth each other, they can be described as breathtaking. Fireworks, walking stilts, Pao Hanchuan, playing the lion, a small string of Council, it is also a manifestation of folk culture.

The Lantern Festival’s history, customs, although today, still had reservations, but its festival taste and culture, has long been the Lantern Festival businesses battle diluted a lot. This year’s Lantern Festival folk activities is relatively small, only from the Chaoyang Park in Sichuan, a large lantern, ethnic restaurants riddles Council, the city of some riddles of all the activities of cultural centers, suburban large-scale lantern and flower show performances.

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