Chinese New Year 2010 falls February 14

Chinese New Year is celebrated as the symbol of the festival of spring. In fact, China, Chinese New Year is still the Spring Lantern Festival. It is celebrated after harvesting and before the fall planting of spring. The date of Chinese New Year is always changing and depends on the Chinese calendar. Emperor Huangdi invented in 2637 BC the Chinese calendar.  The Chinese calendar is a combination of solar and lunar calendar is similar to the Chinese calendar. To determine the date of Chinese New Year, some astronomical calculations, should be maintained. First a China blog, we must determine the dates of the new moon. The new moon is the dark moon, which is when the moon is in conjunction with the sun.

The date of the new moon is considered the first day of the new month. Secondly, the dates will be determined when the sun is the length of multiples of 30 degrees. These data have been identified as the basic conditions used to determine the number of monthly.

The start of the term 1 occurs when the sun is 330 degrees longitude, the 2nd Concept authority occurs when the sun is 0 degrees longitude. The beginning of Term 3 occurs when the sun is 30 degrees longitude, the expression of the principle 11 occurs when the Sun crosses the runway is 270 degrees, and the meaning of the principle of 12, when the sun is 300 degrees longitude.

The current cycle of 60 years in the Lantern Festival facts Chinese calendar began Feb. 2, 1984. Out some dates for the new Chinese last year and the future of the Chinese New Year.


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