There is a Chinese character meaning happiness

According to ancient tradition, the Chinese believe they can attract Good Luck when they talk about happiness , objects, or happiness and the terms of the customs authorities have already issued today. Therefore, the Chinese are everywhere C auspicious symbols for arts, crafts, architecture, household items and are part of the celebrations, special occasions, etc.

For example: 1 There is a Chinese character meaning happiness , happiness or happiness in general. It is usually decorated in Chinese knots, painting or other objects.

2. Chinese scepter, it is desirable in the rule as Ruyi in China, which means All that I love. In other words, as you want. The shape of the rod is Chinese magic mushroom of immortality Lingzhi or Reishi be shot in Japanese.

3. This is a Chinese character meaning life is very popular among the Chinese symbols of luck. This is the estimated value of Shu in China that many Chinese homes displaying this symbol of longevity.
The crane, turtle, fish, pine, etc., all senses of the term long life are in China.

4. It’s two Chinese characters s meaning festival or happy . The Chinese double happiness symbol is synonymous with marriage. In antiquity, are usually decorated in the Chinese paper cutting. The red paper cut XI added to doors and walls of Chinese weddings and the bridal chamber like a Chinese Lantern , and the hope that two newlyweds to have happiness together. But now you see that sign, everywhere.

5. Fish is the ultimate symbol of wealth and abundance of sounds like plenty. Therefore, in the lantern festival entrepreneurs love a bowl of gold fish at the office or home, a symbol of wealth and no. It is usually a boy, and Lotus, and means abundance summaries consecutive years. Since the word persimmon Lian, the same pronunciation as the word continuous . More information can be found in our online store come to see the depth of the culture of China on symbols of luck.


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