farm and lanterns

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A three-year-old ewe got ashore in the wire of a Chinese Lanterns that had landed on Arnold Lancaster’s Bracken Barrow Farm, in Torver.

Mr Lancaster, 66, said the sheep got its arch ashore in the lantern’s wire anatomy and had become absorbed to a juniper tree.

Mr Lancaster, of Green Cottage, Torver, said: “When I came beyond it, the wire had cut beyond the neck.

“You could see the windpipe. On addition day, the red lantern could accept cut its arch off.

“An complete ban would be a acceptable idea. Any beastly could get it about the bottom and it could cut it off.

“It’s complete thin, aciculate wire. Very thin, but blood-soaked strong. It’s about like cheese wire.”

Mr Lancaster believes the sheep had been ashore there for three to four days.

He advised the sheep’s wounds and said it has back fabricated a acceptable recovery.

But his backbone ran out on Sunday if he begin two added of the lanterns, a accepted change which floast in the air if a candle is lit central one, on his farm. Mr Lancaster thinks the lanterns aswell accession clutter and blaze hazard issues – two added affidavit why he believes the ban is necessary.

David Rogers, of The Larches, in Torver, beatific an e-mail annular to humans in the archdiocese on Sunday to highlight the issue.

He said he is traveling to ask guesthouse and anniversary home owners if they can put up posters in their bounds to highlight the abeyant problems lanterns pose.

Carl Hudspith, National Farmers Abutment columnist administrator for the arctic west, said the abutment has been lobbying the Government’s Department of Business, Innovation and Skills back September to get an access ban on the products.

He said: “That is still a plan in progress.

“There is a lot of allocution about them getting degradable, but the botheration is that the ones that are degradable do not necessarily abase aural the agriculture cycle.

“This is not the NFU getting party-poopers, they can be adverse to livestock.

“Some are fabricated with bamboo, which is even added of a botheration because, if the grass gets cut to accomplish silage, if the bamboo gets in there, it can finer accomplish little needles.


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