The new year lantern in Taiwan- Happy Year of the Tiger at 2010 Taiwan Lantern Festival

The new year lantern in Taiwan- Happy Year of the Tiger at 2010 Taiwan Lantern Festival, raised the general public who request, to attract long queues of people every day long, as to send a limited number have left the public and weekends.

Chiayi City Government said that many people respond, the afternoon sent a small lantern, a time when work and school hours, not to obtain, at night during a visit to the lantern, small lantern has long been obtained from a blank. The city government decided, 5 to 7 March from 6 pm every day, 3,000 per day Plus Free small lantern light, which is sent to the original point of the addition of two 1,500 light hair, three days a total of 9,000 additional fat light, so that more people can get cute and fun little lantern.

Tiger wants to take a small lantern happy 99 people, March 5 until 7 days only, daily 14:30, 18:00, can be to the Lantern Festival on the 1st main desk (public kindergarten Ming Road, Fu States side) and 8 Desk (Chiayi Park main entrance) to send the two points obtained by the city staff issued number plate, while supplies last. People are welcome to obtain the scene.


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