Who held lantern carnivals?

Lantern carnivals are generally organized by the government to produce lantern carnivals are usually produced by the company to production. Lantern custom you can look at this article

the Lanterns Festival is a long history, according to folklore Lantern Festival, also known as lantern Council is widely popular in China’s integrated traditional folk activities. Lantern Art is integrated light the decorative arts. Lantern Festival is produced from human use of fire, fat, light, lighting and other manufacturing evolved. Suiren the invention of fire by rubbing sticks, human lit the fire, lit the torch, this fire, the torch is the origin of the original lamp.

Folk Chinese Lantern Festival with development of social productivity, human beings began to plant and animal and mineral oil wax to make light of the lamp. “Zhou, Heng Secretary’s” Where the state of the event set for court Liao candle, candle candle Ma also can be seen, there will be a candle light Chou. To the Warring States Period, light manufacturing technology boom, which in Qu Yuan’s “Songs of the South” has been expressed in respect of: blue copper cream Ming Zhu Hua wrong. Han is the peak of copper production lamps. “Xijing Notes” set: into the Xianyang Gong Han emperor, Qin Youqing Yu-5 lamps, high-seven feet Wucun, mainly as Pan Chi, light mouth, burning the scales are fixed, Huan-Ping if USS Yingying. To the Tang Dynasty, put lights into unprecedented Lantern lights city lights round the capital for sophomore of feet, clothing to Kam-chi, decorated with gold and silver, burning 50,000 lights, such as clusters of trees and flowers. After that, activities around the cartoon lantern is particularly popular. Song, lantern developed to its peak, thousands of styles changes. “Beautiful Dream to Tokyo,” it reads: Bianjing (Kaifeng) Palace Tingzha do light mountain, there is Samantabhadra, Manjusri Buddha riding a lion, a white elephant and other lights.

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