Shanghai which has a time the reputation of a city

March 19, 2010

To bring the public back at the height of its glory days in Shanghai in 1920 and 30 to have the Briton Norman Gosney, when the lantern festival curtain of the east and west of the city, New increases in Chinatown.

Ironically, built on an ancient Japanese Buddhist temple Hongkou District, in 1931, Chinatown is a blend of Broadway, cabaret, the Moulin Rouge and vaudeville shows classic Vegas live with Chinese acrobatics.

The scene, his debut in goal last week, the ancient people of Shanghai, which has a time the reputation of a city that never sleeps, with its many nightclubs and reminds you go-go girls said Gosney, who with his wife of showgirl Amelia Kallman, the Chinese Lantern are the creators of Chinatown.

The 63 years who came to Shanghai two years ago, a quarter of a century of experience in leading shows in New York and Los Angeles began to conspire Chinatown after conducting a show as fun bourgeoning art missing from the city and cultural spaces.

To bring the public back at the height of its glory days in Shanghai in 1920 and 30 to have the Briton Norman Gosney, when the most beautiful lantern in the world of the east and west of the city, New increases in Chinatown.

Shanghai is a new international city, a city whose level must be fun at the same level in New York, Paris and London to strengthen, he said.

Gosney said the name of the program Chinatown , because every major international city in the world has a Chinatown, and so far has not Shanghai.

Starring in the show are American Frank Bray, Gosney as the No. 1 lounge singer in the world today who can sing, dance and charm the pants of everybody.

Chinatown also shows sexy Showgirls, two Chinese and Western, and Chinese acrobats, high-skilled, and a series of brilliant costumes and costumes.

The public is invited to read the Chinatown , the clock for periods between 8 am and 2 shows Wednesday through Saturday (Sunday through Tuesday is reserved for individuals). No charge coverage is essential if clients choose the balcony seating. The machines start at 2,000 yuan. The Observatory Bar on the third floor, overlooking the good phase of the Victorian era. Drinks to Chinatown starts at 70 yuan per glass.

When you exit the Chinatown , before returning to the city, it is advisable to check the building next to the road Zhapu 439, another Japanese Buddhist temple in antiquity.

Addressed an audience once again participated in the prosperity of Shanghai Day of glory in the 1920s and 30s, Briton Norman Gosney, the curtain, where the east and west of the city, the new Chinatown increases. (Photo Source: China Daily)


Chinese New Year 2010 falls February 14

March 13, 2010

Chinese New Year is celebrated as the symbol of the festival of spring. In fact, China, Chinese New Year is still the Spring Lantern Festival. It is celebrated after harvesting and before the fall planting of spring. The date of Chinese New Year is always changing and depends on the Chinese calendar. Emperor Huangdi invented in 2637 BC the Chinese calendar.  The Chinese calendar is a combination of solar and lunar calendar is similar to the Chinese calendar. To determine the date of Chinese New Year, some astronomical calculations, should be maintained. First a China blog, we must determine the dates of the new moon. The new moon is the dark moon, which is when the moon is in conjunction with the sun.

The date of the new moon is considered the first day of the new month. Secondly, the dates will be determined when the sun is the length of multiples of 30 degrees. These data have been identified as the basic conditions used to determine the number of monthly.

The start of the term 1 occurs when the sun is 330 degrees longitude, the 2nd Concept authority occurs when the sun is 0 degrees longitude. The beginning of Term 3 occurs when the sun is 30 degrees longitude, the expression of the principle 11 occurs when the Sun crosses the runway is 270 degrees, and the meaning of the principle of 12, when the sun is 300 degrees longitude.

The current cycle of 60 years in the Lantern Festival facts Chinese calendar began Feb. 2, 1984. Out some dates for the new Chinese last year and the future of the Chinese New Year.

Whenever the occasion of the Lantern Festival

March 11, 2010

Lantern Festival is our national traditional festivals, the great festival, so the eyes of people very important. It also coincided with the first full moon after the Spring Festival night in January, said in January the night known as the “Xiao”, so called the Lantern Festival.

Chinese Lantern Festival originated in the Han Dynasty, Emperor Wen of Han in the pacification of legend, “Zhu Lv Rebellion” follow-bit became the emperor, while the insurgency is precisely the fifteenth day, so then, every fifteenth night, the Han Emperor must Chugong with the public music, on the set this day as the Lantern Festival. After the Han Emperor Ming Lantern Festival Lotus Lantern another Decree, then known as “Festival of Lights,” “light evening.” Legend fifteenth day is “days of official birth date”, so called “Lantern Festival.”

Ancient times to now, the main Lantern Displays customs folk Lantern Festival Lantern Festival is eating and watching lantern, guess riddles. Ming and Qing dynasties, women were also “Walking Bridge, touch light” practices. Old, to the Sixteenth night, the women are cast white damask shirt, hand in hand forces in the line, walk in front of the move incense to clear the way, followed by other women termed “Walk sickness,” Fraction too Bridge, that the “degree of Ecuador.” It is said that the bridge are able to protect one-year disease-free waist and legs, health and longevity. After the bridge, the women wanted to go to the city gates on the openings to touch the Brass Nails, saying the move as “men should” can be a boy.

Whenever the occasion of the Lantern Festival, the court also decorated, the officials leave, to lift the curfew, people can travel Guandeng night. Festival day period from the Han Dynasty, Tang Dynasty three-day, five days of development of the Song Dynasty to the Ming’s 10 days, from January to the eighth day on the 17th night only. Day for the city at night as the lights, very spectacular. So called the Lantern Festival Lantern Festival, simply because light Guandeng the main content of this holiday. 13 the first month of “the lights” on the 14th for the “test lights”, on the 15th as “positive light”, on the 17th for the “strike light” also known as “Can Deng,” or “À» Light. ” Beijing Ming Dynasty, when the lights in this city is located in Dongcheng District Dengshikou. At that time light and the City is unity, the Lantern Festival night in Dengshikou the whole street, in addition to the business district, decorated on both sides, the jewelry jade, daily necessities, more eateries. To the Qing Dynasty, the separated light and the city, “city” go Liulichang, Ling-Yu Gong, “light” is located within the East four arches and ground Yasukado area. The late Qing and early Republican, ground Yasukado, Shishahai area has also been engaged in the first month 15 Ice, very loved by the people. So fifteenth trouble have been circulating since the custom of lantern history Lantern Festival is also popular with many Guandeng stories. Legends, there are a couple in the Song Dynasty Yuan Xiaoye Guan Deng became separated when, to coincide with Huizong thanks to wine, his wife, eager to find Jon, went so far as conveniently porting of the emperor’s Queen’s cup, and Yin Ci Yishou: “Moon penghu bright lights , and Lang hand-to-end doors. greedy see Crane array sheng song and dance, unknowingly lose mandarin duck group. days gradually dawn, a sense of infinite royal, Chuan-Xuan Chi-alcohol drink cups patrol. Wenggu go home for fear was responsible for theft of glass as evidence. “The Merry hear the emperor, but also happy to put a woman Jinbei Shangji, leaving behind a much-told story Lantern Festival.

Past “light” and “mystery” are inseparable, Auckland Lantern Festival is light there must be mystery, so called “riddles”, commonly known as “playing the lights Tiger” (This is from the Guang-shot tigers in Peking derived from the story) . In the Festival of Lights at night is to riddle the general article or attached to the lantern hanging in the Cord, the bonus for those who guess. Some shops are also lanterns hanging mystery, but also specially marked prizes, “If guess who prize apple 3000”, when guess who approached to accept the award, the prize is nothing but an apple on a toothpick stuck in three, this adds joy. Festival of Lights on the usually popular riddle out of humor, interesting. For example, Mimian as “Ba-jie bath” (playing a meat name), the answer is a “pig into the water.” Again, “the farmer, such as soup boiled heart”, (playing the words saying) mystery is “anxious” and so on.

Lantern Festival night, on bringing a moonlight, under the light 10000, heaven and earth each other, they can be described as breathtaking. Fireworks, walking stilts, Pao Hanchuan, playing the lion, a small string of Council, it is also a manifestation of folk culture.

The Lantern Festival’s history, customs, although today, still had reservations, but its festival taste and culture, has long been the Lantern Festival businesses battle diluted a lot. This year’s Lantern Festival folk activities is relatively small, only from the Chaoyang Park in Sichuan, a large lantern, ethnic restaurants riddles Council, the city of some riddles of all the activities of cultural centers, suburban large-scale lantern and flower show performances.

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Auckland Lantern Festival is the 11th year

February 25, 2010

In Malaysia Estelle Goh and his friend Tim Chan in Hong Kong will be this weekend when they celebrate Valentine’s Day.

And as Jackie and Tim, many other ethnic Chinese also enter the Lantern Festival, also known as Valentine’s Day Chinese, the chance to get a second chance to celebrate the day of love and romance after 14 taken in February coincided the first day of Chinese New Year.

We had a family tradition and commitment by participating in our respective families and could not work with others on Valentine’s Day, said Mr Goh, 19, who had been dating for six months, Mr Chan .

Auckland Lantern Festival is the 11th year, the evening begins today at Albert Park and will last until Sunday.

This coincides with the 15th day of the first lunar month, which coincides with Sunday also marks the closing of the celebrations of Chinese New Year.
At home the Miss Malaysia Goh, women who used only for the parade of lanterns and tangerines thrown in rivers or the sea, saying it will bring them luck in finding a spouse.

Lantern Festival, as Yuan Xiao Jie was known, was celebrated by the Chinese from the Han Dynasty in 206BC Auckland and is one of the few places outside Asia to have a public ceremony.

Exhibitor Asia New Zealand Foundation announced that it expected a record crowd of more than 150,000 people visited last year.

The Foundation notes that the Chinese New Year of the Tiger.

Some lights are shipped from Shanghai to Auckland, including a lantern Tiger Brand of the year.

The festival will also feature performances by local and Chinese troops, one of the top musical ensembles in Shanghai, the moon, Beijing Mongolian folk-rock band and folk dancers vehicles Hanggai traffic light south China.

Auckland University Professor of Asian Studies Manying Ip says the party has a role in central to promote an important aspect of New Zealand New dominant Chinese culture.

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how to make Chinese fancy lantern

everyone will enjoy

February 9, 2010

Manila, Philippines – Hundreds of flights lanterns lit up the sky like fireflies last Saturday at the start of the first Flying Lantern Festival Central Area IT business park in Bacolod City.

It was fantastic, everyone like Chinese Lantern Festival will enjoy,  said Josie Villarreal, a mother brought outside their families in case.

Families and couples got a shopping break, part of the event.  We walk together, SM, and as we saw the lights will follow where it came from, but then,  said Xavier Lim ABS-CBN.

Charles Dumancas, organizer of the first Flying Lantern Festival, said the festival is part of a campaign to prevent the use of deadly fireworks during the holidays.  In general use, most of us, the fireworks, but we try to think differently, and if we did that, and hoped that we are the first,  said Dumancas.

The Flying Zigong Lantern Festival is an annual event celebrated in Thailand and China. Dumancas said, is the popular belief that fate lights.

We always tell everyone at all times, the traffic lights, because they say that it brings [] good luck. We hope this will continue for the next year and will be more fun,  he said.

Organizers hope that the City Council adjust enhance the festival as an official event of tourism in the city.

Buy a house profit per square meter and a half hours into the 2000 Teacher speculation billionaire

February 3, 2010

One set of 80 m 2 bedroom, earn 640,000 in a month, so fast gold-producing efficiency, even in house prices lead the nation in Beijing are unlikely to be fulfilled.

The Schelling is a house of Sanya, Hainan has achieved this success.

Week 3, Schelling developer received a phone call: his 1 month ago in Sanya purchased “Mountain Star Lake” project, has grown from 13,000 yuan / square meter hit 21,000 yuan / square meter of.

“If you like, we can help you sell, the price on you can earn 640,000.” Schelling could not believe he shot the first time real estate speculators, they created a miracle.

Schelling is just this wave of well-being of the real estate wave of Sanya in an unassuming little sand. Numerous wealthy are Napian China’s most charming tropical beach side has been out of high-volume manufacturing. Market data show that the average price of Sanya from the first half of 9526 yuan / square meter, jump up to October more than 12,000 yuan / square meter. In November, Sanya prices rose another 2.4%.

Such fanaticism deja vu. touho Wiki In the last century that the classic 90’s real estate bubble in Hainan, Hainan, the average price of commercial housing in 1991, 1,400 yuan / square meter, straight to 1993 7500 yuan / square meter. That time, Sanya is leading the vanguard.

Sanya, the southernmost city in China, fans in the past 16 years been seen as a landmark in the bubble economy. When the bubble burst in 1993, after numerous uncompleted flats bare steel covered with a beautiful coastal city. Government had to deal with the blasting demolition of a large number of opportunistic garbage left behind. In 2000, the “disaster” after the average price of housing, however, Sanya 1000 Yuan / square meter. And 9 years later, Sanya in mid-2009 average house prices breaking the million.

Hainan’s real estate nightmare is making a comeback is just a small problem. A greater focus in the national re-regulation of the property market shot against the backdrop of this landmark in Sanya whether it is once again indicates that the fate of China’s real estate market next?

26 Group Spring Festival Lantern Festival lantern lit

January 30, 2010

The daimiao Han Bo homes, more than 10 staff members are busy welding the basic framework of lanterns, paste, silk and so on. It is understood that February 14 -2 28 Day, will be held at the daimiao Taishan Mountain Spring Festival Lantern Festival 2010, when 26 groups of various shapes, different sizes of lanterns will be lit city of Thailand.

Taishan to the staff of the NEC to hold the 2010 Spring Festival Lantern Festival aims to Taishan event marketing Taishan, Taishan promote and enrich the content of Taishan festival tourism, expand scenic image, to the general public show the new changes in Taishan, a new face, and create a strong festive atmosphere . This year’s Lantern Festival will highlight “the same as New Year, not the same as the exciting” theme, to Kit Kat’s idea, exquisite craft, the integrated use of shape, color, sound, light, electricity and other artistic means, relying on daimiao classical scene, will be Tarzan the perfect combination of features and the traditional Lantern Festival, creating a colorful artistic effects, to the tourists focus on displaying the new changes in Taishan, a new face at the same time to bring tourists to the United States pleasure.

Taian City, Zhao Peng, deputy director of the museum, this year’s Lantern Festival a total of 26 groups the size of lanterns, lantern style chic, body mass huge, not only embodies the art of lantern Taishan geological wonders such as Mount Tai Choi Stony Brook, another reflecting the large-scale traditional folk landscape lamp such as the Boy sent blessing, as well as popular children’s cartoon favorite lamp, such as Snow White, Xi Yang Yang and gray wolf too. Ni Yan, deputy director of the Department of daimiao missionary told reporters, lantern making has been completed by 60%, is expected to February 11 that the Chinese lunar calendar Nianba before it can be completed.

It is understood that during the Lantern Festival, will be interspersed throughout the daimiao interspersed with flashes of small lights, string lights, spotlights and other lighting facilities on the ground. Then, at the daimiao a guess riddles, goods, items such as traditional snacks, visitors can enjoy traditional folk culture, to experience the charm of feeling.